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Stay in the loop about unauthorized usage of your intellectual property. Get real-time notifications about infringements or art theft and take actions to safeguard your work and NFT community.

Creators create. Businesses do business. WatchDog has you covered.

By leveraging computer vision and Natural Language Processing models, our service will help you effortlessly spot duplicates, copycats, and trademark infringements, prevent reputational and financial losses, and keep your IP and community safe and sound.


On-chain events parsed


Scanned NFTs on Ethereum

Solana coming soon


Checked NFT collections

WatchDog protects the IP of NFT creators, projects, and brands

  • Create an account and connect your Ethereum wallet. Indicate the IP you want to track and protect by different parameters such as project, brand, artist, or creator name. You can also simply upload an image of your art or search by collection name or contract address.Project IPProject IP
  • WatchDog monitors blockchain in real time, analyzes all existing NFTs and compares them to your IP. It helps you quickly spot a potential unauthorized IP usage and provides you with comprehensive information that allows you to prioritize next steps and protect your work and community.Search fake NFTsSearch fake NFTs
  • You will immediately be notified via your preferred channel, such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter, email, or text messages if WatchDog detects copycats and violations of your IP. You can set up notifications to be sent directly to the community or to you and your team for pre-moderation.Alerts about infringementsAlerts about infringements
  • In one click, generate a detailed DMCA report containing all information needed to prevent unauthorized usage of your work and take fakes down on marketplaces and social networks ad hoc or automatically.Take actionTake action
Project IP

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Secure your art, name, or trademark in Web3 without wasting hours

WatchDog serves real-life and digital artists, NFT projects, brands and marketplaces alike. Just see which package suits you best.

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    Analysis of blockchain for smart contracts and NFTs for potential infringement

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    Visual info on NFTs copycats, copymints, scams, and other unauthorised IP usage

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    Basic reports for DMCA actions

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    Real-time social media platforms monitoring

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    Notifications with pre-moderation or directly to community

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    Automated DMCA actions

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    Different IP right usage scenarios monitoring

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    WatchDog API integration into your own platform

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    Enterprise trademark and logo detection with the help of custom ML models

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    Services for the marketplaces to detect and take down copymints, copycats, etc.

You ask — we answer

  • WatchDog relies on artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze each NFT that exists on the blockchain and compare it to your work based on provided criteria. Our service provides you with 3 options to show your work and check IP infringements. These include:

  • When the service detects potential IP infringement you will receive found results via a chosen channel that is convenient for you to review. You’ll need to review the provided details and decide if your IP rights were violated. Then, as an IP owner, you can generate a report right on our platform with all the details needed to submit takedown requests to marketplaces. With the Premium plan, you can also set up notifications the service will send you or your community to stay alert of potential fakes in real time.

  • Our service covers all existing and new NFTs that are listed on Ethereum (Layer 1). Solana and Ethereum Layer 2 support are coming soon.

  • The entire process is fairly simple. All you need to do is to connect your wallet and select the plan that suits your needs (or you can start with a free trial). Then you will need to show your work, project, or other forms of IP that you want to protect. After that, the service will send found results for you to decide if you want to generate a report on IP infringement and submit a take down request on the marketplace.

  • The WatchDog service supports three key scenarios to protect your work.

    1. If you are an artist or digital artist who creates digital artwork (not NFTs), you can search for unauthorized usage of your name, the name of your work or project, or the description of your work/project in a text format. You can also upload images of your work and WatchDog will detect if anyone exploits your art.
    2. If you’re an NFT artist or the owner of an NFT project, you can check the unauthorized usage of your NFT token or NFT collection on the blockchain via a simple search.
    3. If you represent a business, a brand, or a marketing agency, you can use any of the above-mentioned options to protect your IP: searching by your brand or product name, uploading images of your logo, trademark, product, work, etc., or using a simple search on the blockchain if you have an NFT collection or tokens.
  • The number of pieces of work that you can protect with our service varies depending on the chosen package

    • The Standard plan allows you to monitor up to 100 intellectual properties.
    • The Premium plan enables you to protect up to 200 intellectual properties.
    • The Enterprise suite has no limits to the number of intellectual properties that you can protect.
  • DMCA is a Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which is a part of the US Copyright Law. DMCA defines the standards for removing content that violates intellectual property rights from the internet.

    WatchDog uses DMCA logic but you should be aware that each country might have its own regulation for IPR violations and takedown processes for legal entities operating on the internet.

    On our platform, you will be able to generate a report with all needed details based on DMCA requirements and practice. You can then submit it to an entity listing content that violates your Intellectual Property Rights. Please note that our service is not responsible for any decisions of third parties based on your submitted report.

  • No. If a website does not clearly state they follow DMCA you can still process a DMCA Takedown Notice to remove your stolen content.

  • In terms of intellectual property rights, Web3 relies on the same principles and procedures as Web2. In the end, it falls into the judicial system. The only difference is that Web3 is promising to code the IPR into the protocols and tokens using cryptography.

    As we are not there yet, a lot of bad actors are using the Web3 ecosystem for fraudulent activities exploiting content, ideas, projects, and art of many creators. That's why we want to help creators, artists, and businesses to have a tool to protect their work, IPR, and communities in Web3.

  • You don't transfer any IPR to us. Your work is your IP. Our goal is to act as an intermediary where you can search for the IP infringement of your works in Web3. Through our service, you will be able to decide if your rights are violated. We will help you deal with IP violations by creating a DMCA report which contains all needed information (e.g. links to specific listings) to request a takedown. But it is you who will submit the report as IP owner.

    In the future, we will introduce the feature allowing to automatically submit reports for takedowns. For this to work, you will assign us as IPR representatives but not as owners in any sense.

  • There are no specific requirements at all. WatchDog can be accessed from any laptop, mobile device, and browser you use.

    For the Enterprise Suite — you will work with the Account Manager to set up everything for you, including recurring reports for your stakeholders.

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